Our Story


Founded in London and launched in 2020. I designed the brand to be everlasting, ethical and of a luxurious quality, with products that I, myself, would be proud to wear. I wanted to create an authentic brand that was meaningful and inspired by timeless, chic, elegant design, with a modern feel. And so Furri was born. 


Every detail throughout the production of the clothes has been carefully selected from its cotton touch and silk lining to the hand-stitched labels with the vegan-formulated candles and finally packaging. The result is the creation of staple pieces, making every purchase something special.  


Incredibly proud of Furri and the products developed after a lifetime of dedication and thank all the people who have helped and supported Furri's journey. Very excited for what is yet to come, we are now able to share beautifully crafted Furri. 

Founder of Furri x 

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